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fabrics and leather

You choose from our diverse range of fabrics well-known manufacturers your color and quality. This is how we create unique desired products. Here you can see a selection of our fabric collections. The links will take you to color overviews and finishes of the fabrics.

skai parotega.jpg

Contract fabric Advantage offers a combination of long-lasting appeal and high durability.

Advantage is a timeless woven fabric and is available in both plain and mottled in a wide range of colors.


  • 60% polypropylene, 30% wool, 10% viscose

  • Flame retardant and lightfast

  • 10 year guarantee

Camira - Advantage
camira advantage Stoffe bemefa

Valencia artificial leather has a fine-grained surface and meets the requirements for use in medical areas.


Valencia is treated with Spradling's patented dirt-repellent and abrasion-resistant PermaBLOK3 protection and thus offers properties

antifungal protection, antibacterial protection, anti-fungal protection, an antistatic surface that is mold resistant and stain repellent.

Valencia has been awarded an A+ indoor air emission rating and also complies with strict regulations for flammability. This makes Valencia the best choice for businesses, hospitality, catering and healthcare.


Contract fabric Sumi impresses with its linen-like surface, soft feel and naturalness.

Sumi consists of 90% wool and is very hard-wearing.


Sumi's color palette was inspired by nature - from eucalyptus green and indigo blue to saffron yellow and tomato red, it offers a soft aesthetic, reminiscent of plants and minerals.

The light, purist fabric made of worsted yarn with a mottled surface offers a wide range of uses.

Thanks to Camira's sustainable approach, Sumi carries not only the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold environmental certification but also the EU Ecolabel, thus meeting the highest standards of sustainability.

Camira - Sumi

Era is a subtle, two-tone polyester fabric,

that stretches in both directions for ease of upholstery.

The herringbone weave offers a sleek modern texture, while its coloration is intriguing on closer inspection. The color palette includes playful bright and sophisticated muted tones.


  • Flame retardant and lightfast

  • Oekotex Standard 100

  • 10 year guarantee

camira era Stoffe bemefa

Nova fabric has a uniform, plain look and a slightly textured, jeans-like surface with a smooth feel. 

Nova is hard-wearing, easy-care, lightfast, rub-resistant and flame-retardant.

Its varied color palette makes it suitable for subtle, classic upholstery of all kinds.

Krall+Roth - Nova

Xtreme is a modern crepe fabric made from 100 percent recycled polyester.

This reduces waste and avoids the use of new raw materials. The fabric is stretchy and at the same time flame-retardant, durable and does not form pills - properties that make Xtreme an extremely popular upholstery fabric for office chairs.


  • Flame retardant (B1)

  • Lightfast

  • Ökotex Standard 100

  • 10 year guarantee

Camira - Xtreme
camira xtreme Stoffe bemefa

Silvertex has been produced using a unique and exclusive technique that creates a refined dimensional appearance.

A subtle texture that is indistinguishable from real fabric, with one exception:

superior performance. Silvertex is treated with Spradling's patented stain-resistant and abrasion-resistant PermaBLOK3 protection, which incorporates silver ion technology. A natural germ defense that protects the consumer from bacterial contamination. Silvertex has also been awarded an A+ indoor air emission rating and meets strict flammability regulations.

This makes Silvertex the best choice for businesses, hospitality, catering and healthcare.

Spradling - Silvertex
silvertex Spradling Stoffe bemefa

Urban is a street-inspired fabric collection with an architectural look and clean lines that form a structured geometric pattern reminiscent of the checkerboard pattern of American cities.

The fabric is lightly textured and has an almost industrial metallic effect with fresh, themed colors.

camira urban Stoffe bemefa

skai Parotega is a high-quality artificial leather with a classic leather grain. With its natural look and feel, the material is almost indistinguishable from real leather. It is particularly tough and yet very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. The high-quality, extremely robust skai artificial leather can be used universally.

It is ideal for the demanding contract sector, for example for public buildings and facilities as well as nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, fitness studios and also for the therapy sector.
Tear resistance and resistance to disinfectants make skai Parotega particularly easy to clean and durable. Above all, however, the material impresses with its outstanding flame protection, which even meets the strict B1 standard. skai Parotega NF has a classic leather grain and is therefore particularly homely and comfortable.

Faux leather - Skai Parotega
skai parotega Leder bemefa

Grain-corrected, printed cowhide of European origin. Dyed through.

Finishing with water, resins and pigments, soft feel, silky feel and matt look.

Mastrotto-Ocean genuine leather
ocean mastrotto Leder bemefa
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